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AdSense BlackHat Edition

Posted by Baron pada Maret 7, 2008

Hehehe judulnya serem.

AdSense Black EditionNih aku kemarin nemu e-book judulnya AdSense BlackHat Edition. Isinya aku belum tau juga karena belum baca. Langsung aja di download kalau berkenan. Baca entri selengkapnya »


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How to modify PHP-fusion

Posted by Baron pada Mei 22, 2007

How to modify PHP-fusion


PHP-Fusion is/has been developed by Nick Jones, owner of http://www.php-fusion.co.uk.

I myself started using this system 30th of October 2004 – the purpose was to build my own site – easy with this kinda setup. I needed it modified a bit to fit my needs, so I went to the supportsite in Denmark and also this site, asked HOW TO and got my answers straight up.

As i modified my own site, I helped others out and had the kick of being ABLE to see some pieces of code that I could flip around and make something usefulof to others – also meant that my own site was modified over and over again, for test-purpose, (still is, he he).

I agreed to run a danish MOD-site with another member of this community – lotsa work, making a lot of new stuff – too much almost.

Where am I at now?

Setting up bigger sites for ppl, making “deeper” infusions than earlier – still learning about PHP and MySQL, didn’t now anything till I got this splendid system, only few snippets of HTML – not worth mentioning really.

Anyways – my input for HOW TO:

PHP-Fusion (PF from now on) is a multilingual system, meaning that you can chose between a lot of languages. If a language is not done already, it’s “just” to make a new set of language files in required language – upload and change settings to the new language uploaded.
The language files to the WHOLE system is located in ROOTlocale. Keep it in mind as you read on.

Let me start with folder and file structure at first:
(I will explain how to find the right files to modify later on)

Contains all files used in the administration section for admins and superadmins. Also contains the backup of your site in ROOTadministrationdb_backups
Images that are used in adminpanel in admin section is placed here also, in ROOTadministrationimages.

ROOTforum contains the files used in forum or discussion group if you like. The attachments to threads that members posts are put into ROOTforumattachments.

ROOTimages has several sub folders for each their purpose. Let me explain.

ROOTimages itself, contains basic images used for different purpose, banner, validationcode etc.

ROOTimagesarticles is the folder to use to upload pictures to, for the purpose of making articles.

ROOTimagesnews – same thing as above, but for news.
Next cpl of folders are different.

ROOTimagesavatars is where members avatars are uploaded when a member add an avatar to their profile.

ROOTimagessmiley is where you find default smileys used in PF – they can be chaged as you like, but adding MORE would take some coding work in dif. files.

ROOTimagesphotoalbum is the place where uploaded images being used in the section photoalbum, are uploaded.

ROOTnews_cats is a new folder that arrived with 6.00.203 version recently. It contains some premade images that are used when categorizing news in admin section – more can be added.

ROOTincludes are a special folder that are made for special features that request some deeper kind of kode. E.g. the mail-feature in the system, the TinyMCE and so on. Files from here should not be modified. These files are used in complex features in PF and they are “included” – important for other files in this system, for doing a “job” in a certain matter.

ROOTinsfusions contains what some would think of as “plugins” – it’s Nick Jones term of a plugin. Some are default and included in the basic system you already have. E.g. the navigation panel.
In administration section, system department, you can turn on and off some of these plugins. Not all are to be installed as they are part of basic setup. The idea of infusions are to make it easier for common user to download an infusion at one of the support sites, upload it and “switch” it on, and off you go, installed and ready for usage.
All infusions have their own folder name – note that.
E.g. ROOTinfusionsnavigation_panel files that makes navigation panel look as it does is put in this folder.

ROOTlocale – now THAT’S what I started with. This folder contains all language files for a given country setup.
E.g. ROOTlocaleDanish
It contains excactly the same text as ROOTlocaleEnglish,but translated to Danish. Files in each “Country” are named the same.

System imports these language files into the system, meaning that a site could change from German to Polish in a flip, through main settings, language control.
If your language is not included in basic package, but you want it to BE in that language, make a folder ROOTlocaleYourlanguage – copy all files from a selected language into this folder, take one file at a time and translate it, line by line. When done, go to administration and set the language control to your language.

Everything in this system is based on “softcoded” language files, meaning that you don’t have to change any system files at all, just the simple language files for the system to work.
Note that 2 subfolders are here as well. One for admin and one for forum sections.
These are bigger features in this system, and therefore they have their own folders.

ROOTthemes contains different themes or skins if you like. Several to chose inbetween as standard, more to find at theme-support site, PHP Fusion Themes.

As with language, these themes are listed in named folders, one folder for each theme, folder name is the name that is being listed in dropdown menu in main settings. The dropdown reads the folder names and lists them. If you find a new theme you like, upload it to it’s name folder, and go to main setting to choose it.

So far the folder structure.
If you only use a particular language, it’s OK to delete the others, same thing with the theme folders you’re not using.
It will easen up your daily backup if backing up all the time – just leave MAIN language folder, English – in case something screws up in your default language file set, it’s good to have ,he he (been there, done that).

Basic files – maincore.php config.php subheader.php index.php
Panels – building, center and left/right.
MySQL structure – some of the tables to be explained.
Making a table on a page – column and rows
MySQL query – how to address a table to get some datas to be shown in a page.
Indusions Development Kit – make your own Infusion – small step by step with a small feature.

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Mensetting Control Panel di www.awardspace.com

Posted by Baron pada Mei 13, 2007

This was the method to change language.

  1. Setelah Anda mempunyai Username dan passwordnya maka bisa masuk ke Control Panel Anda di awardspace.com.
  2. Isikan Username dan Password ke kolom yang sudah di sediakan (di kiri atas halaman awardspace.com). Kemudian klik Login.

    Sebelum Anda memulai mensetting Domain, saya anjurkan untuk menyiapkan buku catatan untuk menulis data – data yang akan kita buat nantinya dan juga merubah password Account Anda di awardspace.com ini terlebih dahulu dengan masuk ke Account Manager kemudian pilih Account Password. Isikan password lama pada kolom paling atas kemudian password baru dikolom tengah dan paling bawah. Klik Change Password. (catat data password baru Anda) Baca entri selengkapnya »

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